Gigabit Passive Optical Network
Business Leaders don't need to be reminded that the business landscape is ever-changing. Changing patterns of economic growth and wealth are likely to strain infrastructure and natural systems. As the saying goes "we can never know the future. But it is good business sense to be prepared for the possibilities: to expect the unexpected."
In the IT World, businesses contemplate how to increase bandwidth, enhance security and reliability of their networks to provide multiple services requiring different levels of priorities, CIOs are faced with tough decision on what to do with the existing cabling within the building. As speeds increase to gigabit to the desktop, new Category 6 copper cabling are often recommend for better transmission characteristics. However, implementing the cabling type is both labor intensive and costly undertaking. Network architect understand that bandwidth requirements will continue to grow and eventually exceed a gigabit and drive towards 10 gigabit per second.
The logical alternative is to install a fiber-based distribution network that can handle speeds well beyond a gigabit. But even as CIOs make that decision, they have to choose the best optical technology to serve the many applications now being used by the modern workforce.
Introducing the Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) based technologies. This GPON technology serve the needs of modern-day business while providing a view of cost-effective evolution as speeds continue to increase. GPON allows an operator to effectively deliver all these services with the right user experience. Its Quality of Service (QoS)  and high bandwidth capacities are the mechanisms needed to converge Voice, Video and data all onto the same fiber network allowing more efficient maintenance, cabling and overall performance.
Converging all these services onto a single GPON distribution platform provides the bandwidth needed while significantly reducing equipment such as network switches, cabling and power required. In-return, saving huge cost for network switches requirements for crowded equipment rooms, complex wiring closets and increased high-volume air conditioning (HAC) requirements.
GPON application offers cost space, and power benefits when compared to currently deployed Ethernet switch solutions.